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  1. Stray dog stats broken down by reunited with owners, put down and microchipped

    Environment Secretary Owen Paterson said: "It's ludicrous that in a nation of dog-lovers, thousands of dogs are roaming the streets or stuck in kennels because the owner cannot be tracked down."

    He added: "Microchipping is a simple solution that gives peace of mind to owners. It makes it easier to get their pet back if it strays and easier to trace if it's stolen."

    The change in the law will be effective from 6 April 2016. Any owner whose dog is found without a chip and can be traced by local authorities will have a short period of time to have the dog microchipped.

    Laws governing dog attacks will also be extended to cover private property, closing a loophole which has meant that dog owners whose animals have attacked people on private property are immune from prosecution

  2. Its been wet and windy this winter and not too cold, thank godness, we have been having some amazing windy walks this year and I am glad to say the wonderful river Lark which we live and walk next to daily has behaved. We are waiting for the spring to come along and for our huge garden to start taking shape. As well as a few nice plans of walks at the beach would be nice in the coming months. We cant normally go in the peak of summer as the beaches are too full and last time we did this Mr Mumbles let us all down by eating some poor old ladys sandwiches when she wasnt looking ! 

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