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  1. Wow what a pair Bob & Dylan are !! They are full brothers but what a different pair they are. Bob is the cuddly cute demanding one, with Dylan the curious, cheeky one. I have just been popping in once a day to change the litter tray and give them food and milk. They have a personal cat door so they can pop in and out as they wish. The owner seemed to think that I wouldnt see much of the boys as she said they are only around in the late evenings when she gets home. But as soon as I walk through the door they rush in through the cat flap and seem really happy to see me.
    The owner was keen for them not to go into the cattery as they were both resuce cats and spent a long time in the rescue centre before she took them on- How anyone could abandon such great cats I shall never know.
  2. The end of my house sit with Harry is today, it is a little sad as I think we have both really enjoyed each others company.
    I left the house early this morning with his owners arriving back late morning. Had a really lovely text from Harry (His mum really) saying how much fun he had with me and that he was looking forward already to the next time that I was coming to stay- soon I hope.
    I now move onto a house check with 2 cats - Bob & Dylan - I let you know more about them as the week progresses !!

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