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  1. We have official begun, have my first customer, Harry. Harry is a pleasure to stay with have been keeping him happy in his home whilst he is clearly missing his owners having me around for cuddles and fuss has helped. We went for a 2 hour walk as Harry showed me around his village. I will say though that Harry is the loudest snorer ever !

  2. With this great weather- Nearly 28 degrees make sure your pets have plenty of shade and water.
    Have been working hard on the website this week, to the disapointment of the furry terriers~ They are keen to go to the beach with this great weather. Especially Dash the Lancashire Heeler he loves the sea and endures the hour drive so well with Cecil trying to sit on him in the car, just so he can swim !
    Have promised them that they can go for the bank holiday weekend, with the launch only a week (ish) away on the 1st June things are getting busy !

We care for any creature great or small in their home environment. Keeping them happy & your home safe.

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