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  1. Well welcome to Aimee Poppins, Set up and run by Aimee Hockley- Righton. I got so fed up with having to send my special smalls- Mumbles, Dash & Bear home to mum. Even for a short break as I just couldnt find someone :
    A- that I trusted with my furry family members
    B- Someone that was flexible & affordable.
    I have seen a niche in the animal care sector and want to offer something that will suit all you like minded animal lovers out there.
    I am combining setting this business up with some other projects and am willing to offer a really flexible new approach to animal care.
    Please let me have any feedback and I welcome ideas I want this to be THE place for a house or animal sitter.

We care for any creature great or small in their home environment. Keeping them happy & your home safe.

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